Vintage Villas Restaurant Construction Testimonial

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Dear Bill,

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with the construction at Vintage Villas. We now have a functional and attractive Kitchen addition that allows us to maximize the hotel services that has resulted in increased profitability

The motivation for this letter is not that my expectations for the kitchen were met, but how you and your associates were able to perform this task.

From the beginning meetings, the input from HHCC on the functionality and design to fit our unique environment were extremely help full in the final plans. The assistance with additional services needed from a list of MEP's, designers and architect proved to be very valuable to facility quick production, time and money savings.

HHCC's working knowledge of City planning, permits and licenses kept the project on schedule and moving without interruption. The communication between you, the foreman and the Civil engineer resulted in improvements and cost savings that were not seen on the original civil plans.

I was concerned that the finished kitchen needed to fit our unique wedding environment. Your understanding that we wanted an attractive addition at the lowest cost possible led to suggestions by the HHCC team that added value, reduced cost and presented us an addition that we are proud to show off.

Then it happened, a meteorological fluke. Exactly % way through the construction, on the late evening of March 25th 2005, the property received a devastating hail storm that destroyed much of the existing buildings north exterior facades, interiors and roofs. Although the new construction received no damage, your team was at the property the very next morning (Saturday) to begin the process of boarding up windows, cleaning glass, patching the roof, extracting the water and preparing for the weekends guest arrivals.

Your insurance claims experts went to work. They created damage report that was so detailed, exacting, complete and unarguable that it generated a $395,000 settlement from the insurance company with in a matter of weeks. HHCC quickly installed new carpet, new roofs, new exterior paint and many other needed renovations to the hotel to keep the property operational, event prior to the finalizing of the settlement. This work was performed with out interruption to the new kitchen construction.

The HHCC individuals that became a part of Vintage Villas Boutique Hotel family for the first 6 months were very gracious, attentive and knowledgeable. I can not say enough about how many times they went to extra efforts to assist in all that was happening at the hotel during construction. Even when those situations arose with backed-up sinks, moving rocks for landscaping or digging out a pipe that had nothing to do with the new construction or the storm repairs, your associates were enthusiastic about assisting.

Lastly, we had ZERO guest complaints about the construction interruptions, noise, repairs from the hail damage or overall appearance of the property. This is quite an accomplishment from your crew. We are in the wedding business. In a very sensitive environment such as weddings, this "exceeded expectations".

During this period we performed 75 weddings with our interruption or complaints. And, we booked more future weddings first % of 2005 in that we had ever booked for the same time frame previously. We did not miss a single revenue opportunity while the construction was taking place. I attribute this HHCC accomplishment to a very well maintained job site, the extra efforts made to make the property look its very best on the days of events, a concern for the guests and clients having events on the grounds and the willingness to act on suggestions on how we can best keep the process going with as little as possible conflict. But, mostly I attribute the smooth flow to a terrific HHCC crew who completely understood our business needs.

Bill, it is now a year since that very damaging hail storm and nine months of a full operational kitchen with out one single returned call to you or HHCC for any follow up construction or repair issues. Perhaps I should call just to say hello and thank you.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Thomas Porter

General Manager